CJA’s Climate Justice Dialogue Series – Part 2: Organizing New Economies on the Ground


In this session, we'll be focusing on building regenerative economies: how they fit into a Just Transition, what they look like in real life, why it's so important to support community-controlled capital projects, and hear about the launch of a bold campaign to move foundation investments out of the harmful stock market and into these…

REO Collaborative Full Team Meeting


Every other month, the funders and movement organizations within the REO Collaborative convene. Contact us to learn more about being a part of this vital work. July 21 @ 1pm Eastern Time. 1.5 Hours

Funder Exchange on Climate Justice


Over the last few years, more and more funders have committed to deep learning about environmental justice, climate justice, and Just Transition. However, integrating equity and justice commitments into grantmaking protocols and investment practices is not always easy. Join us for this funder-movement dialogue on climate justice learnings, resources and tools, and peer support to…

Finding Your Pathway to Funding Frontline Solutions for Climate Justice – Pre Retreat Institute – Environmental Grantmakers Association Fall Retreat

REO Collaborative will be cosponsoring a dynamic Pre Retreat Institute about 4 Pathways for funding grassroots’ solutions for climate justice. The session will be at 11am - 2:30pm CT on October 11, 2022. Register for the Pre Retreat Institute after completing the registration process at this link. Email [email protected] to also learn more about which…

4 Pathways to Move Money to the Grassroots

Ignite 22 Palm Springs, CA

REO Collaborative members will be co-hosting a dynamic presentation about 4 pathways for funding grassroots’ solutions for climate justice during the Ignite: Moving Money to Movements conference. Further details at this link

State of the Movement 2023


Seven invited philanthropic and movement speakers will explore HOW wealth should be invested and WHO should control it. We will also be debuting a *new framework*, Shifting Capital and Power to Build the Regenerative Economy: A Just Transition Investment Framework for Philanthropic Institutions.

Climate Solutions! Pathways for Funding & Building Power alongside the Grassroots

Hotel Monteleone 214 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA

REO Collaborative representatives will be presenting a dynamic skill building session about 4 pathways for funding grassroots’ solutions for climate justice during The Funders Network Conference. Registration and description details are at this link.