Pathways to Power Shift: Movement-led Funding in the Age of Billionaires


Friday, October 1st. 1:30 – 3pm ET

The Regenerative Economies Organizing Collaborative (REO), in partnership with EDGE Funders Alliance, Health and Environmental Funders Network, Neighborhood Funders Group, Climate and Energy Funders Group, and Justice Funders, is hosting a webinar for funders interested in the full, connected story of the various moving pieces catalyzed by the Bezos Earth Fund, including the Fund for Frontline Power and related organizing among grassroots intermediaries. In addition to sharing background on REO, movement partners' leadership and subsequent organizing, we'll offer ways funders can deepen their political education; move more dollars to equity-based groups, communities, and projects; and expand their role beyond grantmaking and into the realm of activism.

This conversation will provide a critical opportunity for funders to get a cohesive picture of how all this work fits together and the roles that they can play.

Funders will get clarity on distinctions and overlaps of Earth Fund-catalyzed organizing, and hear concrete proposals for how they can:

  • Follow allied movements' leads
  • Use their dollars not only as grants but also as solidarity statements with BIPOC-led groups and communities
  • Step into the current moment and push back against business-as-usual philanthropy to shift power dynamics once and for all
  • Learn how and where they can continue their understanding of these issues Participants will learn more about these interconnected organizing strategies and how they can join in the movement for climate justice!
Regenerative Economies Organizing Collaborative

REO is a funder-movement organizing formation that came together around shared events at It Takes Roots’ Solidarity to Solutions Week, parallel to the Global Climate Action Summit in 2018. Unlike an established funder affinity group with staff, budget and regularly-scheduled events, REO ebbs and flows according to capacity and activity, centering our work on shared sign-on statements, op-eds, movement-aligned funder info-sessions, direct action and one-on-one organizing. REO brings together participants from a variety of foundations, affinity groups, movement formations and intermediary funds, all of whom share a desire to push progressive philanthropy to follow the lead of social movements. Our most recent body of work, catalyzed by the Bezos Earth Fund, encompasses several new efforts converging toward a more equitable, movement-accountable philanthropic field.


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